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Doggy lifejackets

Ever since Cory’s grand maul seizure (which Sandy explains in vivid detail in the upcoming book, Cory’s Story), Cory has had to wear a lifejacket when he swims. Dogs with epilepsy have been known to have seizures in the water, which often result in tragic endings. Cory doesn’t mind his lifejacket at all, but whenever we take Cory to the beach to go swimming, he usually gets some raised eyebrows from people.

“What is that?”

“Does he have to wear that because he gets cold?”

“Dogs can swim just fine you know”


Cory’s proud of his lifejacket, so here are some stylin’ pictures of him sporting his gear.

Cory wearing his lifejacket

Cory wearing his lifejacket

Cory in his lifejacket

Cory in his lifejacket

Has your dog ever worn a lifejacket? What would you think if you saw a dog wearing one? Leave a comment and let me know!

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