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Cory to be released from the hospital today!

Great news! I just heard from Sandy, who just heard from the hospital that Cory’s doctor has evaluated him and cleared him for release from the hospital today. We plan to pick him up after work and bring him home tonight.

We are expecting that he’ll need a lot of extra-special care and attention while he heals from surgery, and we are ready to give him whatever he needs. Amelia (Cory’s nurse) has said that he’s eating his food now with a ravenous appetite, gobbling food up “in less than 2 seconds.” That’s a far cry from what any of us witnessed during our visits with him at the hospital, but it sure sounds like our Cory. That news has greatly heartened us all and we can’t wait to bring him back home.

I’ll have pictures and more news later, after we bring him home.

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